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A story about the road from Sussex to London, or from a provincial steel town, with one steel mill, that's about to be shut down, and the road to the big city.

I wanna do it, I wanna get there
I got to get me to the borderline
I've got the pedal to the metal
And I'm making time
Provincial town, southern rain
I've been scarred more than you'll understand
I don't need no chemical solace
I got to leave before I change my mind

Borderline, I got to get me to the borderline
Borderline, I got to get me to city line

The railroad tracks run beside the freeway
I'll race this train to the county line
Escape from this small town prison
Chump change won't buy me no fun
Got to run while the running's good
Before my life sinks undone
I've got to keep, keep on moving
To a new life with the setting sun

If you knew about the life I lived before
You'd be running, running for sure

The city lights dance & beckon
Promise of new things to come
So many people in one place
To where the work is I must run
Find a home somewhere to shelter
To earn a living I must find a way
I've got to find a better future
So many rocks are in my way