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Dedicated to a girl who should know better.

Is it mind over matter
You got the key to my heart
It's mind over matter
Come on let's make a new start
Love's been callin' you!

It ain't no mystery
No, heavens above
Come on now, girl
Let's fall in love

People say
I'm a lovestruck fool
For done and gone
So hooked on you
Caught in the act
You got that look in your eyes
Let's get an understanding
With no disguise

My friends say
Love's so misunderstood
See eye to eye
Like we know we should
Not outa sight
Is outa mind
'Cos I know
You're that special kind

Dog waggin' the tail
Tail waggin' the dog
You're a good woman
That's not so hard to love
I'm a good man
Come to set you free
So cut that chump loose
And come with me

Don't make it go
From bad to worse
'Cos we're under
A special curse
Flesh & blood
Is where we are
Come on now, girl
Let me get in your car

Hard times come easy
Good times are few
Can't you feel it, yes
Love's been callin' you