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A story of the Icknield Pilgrimage from St. Mary's Hopton to Sennen, who made himself known at Brentor, when I had absolutely nothing, and kept on with the journey.

Call upon the father
In your time of need
Call upon the father
Tell him of your need
Call upon the father
Who will make you whole
Call upon the father
To come into your soul

Call upon the father
Be a vessel for his light
Call upon the father
In your darkest night

Light of the world
Come shining down
Like the moonlight on the rooftops
All through the town
Touching the hungry homeless
With no shelter to be found
Cold and tired and lonely
Sleeping on the ground

He comes looking for you
Knocking on your door
It's harder if you're rich
Easier if you're poor
You let it begin
When you look into his eyes
You will feel the truth
Welling up and rise

From St. Margaret's in Hopton
Down the Iknield Way
To St. Michael's Mount, and Seddon
As you go along the ley
The truth will be revealed to you
In stages and in parts
Goes above the physical
As the knowing comes to your heart

You will be guided gently
Your hand will be made strong
The path and gate are narrow
To where you belong
It's the only sanctuary
Where your soul is calm
He is the only source
And heaven is in His arms