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The story of a little boy, and an old man in a Panama hat, sitting under a giant monkey tree,
outside a manor house with a silver Jaguar parked outside, eating sandwiches, and drinking lemonade,
talking about what could be, and the future

What to do with the missing information
Ain't no time for no idle contemplation
Spread the news all across the nations
Getting busy with the world dissemination
The dog eat dog time has come to an end
The forward motion is a thing to defend
Carrying the truth & freeing the millions
So the millions will free the billions

We're making the creation of futures
We're taking the chains of the past

Ain't no time to lie awake in bed
Remove those chains attached to your head
Ain't no time to go dwelling on the past
Caught up in confusions & making it last
The endless cycle goes around & around
First you're up, & then you're down, but
The freedome coming is the talk of the town
You'll be climbing back up, never falling down

It all started with a simple book
When you take your first proper look
You weigh it up in your own mind
You examine it yourself for the truth you will find
When the cogs start moving
The rusty penny in the slot
You'll find out that it's real hot
I'm telling you the truth
All my cards on the table