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A story of my first encounter with the muscle car, super car era, when an 8 litre V8 speaks to you.

Well, I saw it from the bus
For a couple of weeks or more
One day I had to get off
And find out what was the score
I had to walk around it
At least a dozen times
Just to take in
All those beautiful lines

First time I saw her
It was love at first sight
Look at that body
You know it's just right
Lean mean rock 'n' roll machine
Soon as you get in it
You'll know what I mean

It had to be a Hemi
426 or more
It had to have posi
With a muncie (hurst shift)
4 on the floor
It's got to have 6 pack
3 in a line
If it's got these things
It's a real good time

When I started her up
It shook the floor
Roll onto the street
Asking for more
Rev it up to 6, stick it in D
Drive, that's when you know
You're really alive