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A call to the courageous, and not the duped,
the toadying brown nosers, and those who had
the questionable gigantic wherewithal to buy their stairway to heaven,
but unbeknownst to them, have actually bought their stairway to hell.

Freedom fighter
You know there's nothing righter
You're the fire
And you're the lighter

You've got the control
I've got the ambition
You want to rule
But I'll make the transition
You've got the chains
But I've got the key
You want slaves
But I'll set them free

Powerful words
Racking down the ages
The deepest of the mazes
Hear my words
In another life
Open corridors of prisons
Suffering and strife

Message of freedom
From soul to soul
Reaching into
The blackest hole
From you
We seek to disconnect
That's a thing
You want us to forget

Do what you like
Drain us to white
Using your might
In an unequal fight
Believe you're right
Trying to extinguish our light
Try to smash my body
Never smash my soul

Fascist lackey bully-boy
In a uniform
Your cowardice
Deserves only scorn
Your democracy
Comes out the muzzle of a gun
Sure as the moon comes up
And the setting of the sun

I speak the truth
You deal in lies
Down on the ground
Or up in the skies
There are those
Who make it happen
Those who
Watch it happen
Those who wonder what happened?
Which one are you?
Sing it with me!