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Dedicated to a special girl who is a mighty spirit, who helps others, and knows how to help them, who is not easily daunted, in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Come on baby, don't you feel it too,
I wanna get started
I wanna get started with you

I'm out in the sunshine
On the right side of the street
Every time I see you
My heart skips a beat
I wonder now
Do you feel the same way too
When I catch your eye
What's goin' on with you

I know why you had it rough
Your friends told me so
Some guy treat you bad
So you don't want to know
By staying on your own
You're missing out on all the fun
Leave those grey skies alone
And step into the sun

You don't have to hide away
With a broken heart
Here comes the weekend
Time to make a new start
I'll put a smile on your face
That won't go away
I'll melt those chains
So come out and play

Don't want to spend no time waiting on
I'm tired of being lonely, time's draggin' on