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A story of the landlady's daughter, who was always looking for a better offer.

I can feel myself slippin'
Under your spell
Dragged under
Into a lover's hell
My heart's in jail
Alone without a friend
Deaf, dumb & blinded
Will it ever end

I never loved a woman
The way I love you
All that you say
All that you do
With my hand on my heart
And your grip on my soul
Draggin' me in deeper
To this mess I'm in

Down in the ghetto of love
Down in the ghetto of love
With your claws stuck in me
I've been mauled enough
I'm too weak to call your bluff
Down in the ghetto of love

Well, this kitten's got claws
That will make you scream
She gets what she wants
She always gets the cream
A moonlight feline
Lookin' for a fool
A hunter in the dark
Sneakin' up on you

If you'll take my advice
Don't wear your heart on your sleeve
Or you'll live to regret it
You'll come to believe
A brand new heartache
For what you do
When this cat of the night
Put a spell on you