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A story of an African slave, who got to free his brothers and sisters,
and get 40 acres and a mule.
And why we sing the blues, and have ended up being government mules.

We're gonna chase the greycoats
Out of this town (x2)
Put them 6 feet under
Down in the ground
The horses bring the cannons
And the musketeers too
When we take the plantation manor
We're gonna free you
Blacksmith bring his anvil
Saws 'n' chisels too
Cut off those chains
Just like you wanted to do
Put you back to your freedom again
It's the end of slavery for you my friend
Start all over, start on a new life
Get your own place with a horse 'n' a wife

We've been on that Georgia road
For two weeks
It's hot 'n' sticky as we hide in them wheats
I keep my powder dry
And my musket clean
I got my pistols in my belts
And my sword by my side
Me and the boys have come to bury you
While you're under that flag
And the evil you do
Singing songs of freedom
With flute 'n' banjo
6 years on this campaign
Not much further to go

I don't care what colour or race
Long as you got a smile on your face
Well, drink that bootleg whiskey
And elder wine
Sing us your songs, and
We'll have a good time
Dancing around the fire tonite
Telling those stories
About the fight
But in the morning
We're gone
We gotta liberate
Columbus and Macon

The greycoats are on the run
The job's nearly done