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Dedicated to Helen, a mighty healer.

I get a shiver down my spine
Every time I think about what's true
All the things you say
And all the things that you do
The way that you move me
Is like a stick of dynamite
Lift both feet off the ground
Like a bird in flight

The way that you touched me
Burned deep down into my soul
Bringing shining light
Into the blackest hole

The way that you touched me
Made a new start
Bringing mighty heaing
To a broken heart

I feel new reasons coming on
For living each and every day
I wanna jump off in my ride
And find a new way
Find a new part of town
Where the streets are clean
Start a new life
Where I ain't been

End section
I feel my soul waking up
Out of the big sleep
Into the fire where we meet
You carry that sword
With a might heart
You carry that sword
With a healing heart