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A story of the yoke of suppression, and suppressives, and wickedness in high places.

Heartache's no stranger to love
Sure enough
What goes around
Comes around
Sure enough

Play to win
Not play to lose
Keep on fallin'
For the same old rules
So hard to come up
So easy to go down
I'm a lost 'n' lonely man
On the wrong side of town

Running on empty
Money's all gone
Baby ran after it
With the same old song
I've got a head full of moonbeams
And a heart full of scars
Spellbound by the window
So near yet so far

My roots have no ground
Like a fallen tree
Luck locked the door
And threw away the key
No leg left to stand on
No legs left to lose
My heart's done time
And I'm singing the blues

You're a rich man's daughter
I'm a poor man's son
I'm done with our yesterdays
'Cos tomorrow never comes
Been stumbling
On the wrong side of the tracks
You mistook kindness for weakness
With a stab in the back

Love's forgotten where I live
Only got myself to give
Empty promises are never enough
A man needs money
To feed the fire of love