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All about English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, and Norfolk middle class girls,
whose mums bring them up to marry lawyers, doctors, accountants, high ranking professionals,
who fall in love with artists and musicians, and end up whipping them to death for not
being able to keep them in the manner that they wish to be accustomed to.
Sometimes they run away with a high ranker, who gets struck off for malpractice,
and end up back in poverty.
What goes around comes around.

Whatever I'm giving
Is never enough
The money that I'm earning
It's never enough
The way that you play ball
Is a little too rough
I'm getting out of this
High maintenance love

You got your lawyer
And this country's rules
Guaranteed to make
A working man into a fool
You had a finger in every pie
All down the line
Your greed is hungrier
Than the grave
Just think of all that money
You made
Take the house
Take what's yours
Take what's mine
My life used to be one long game
Now all my sunshine
Has turned to rain
Those blue skies have turned to grey
You and your friends
Cooked up a cauldron of ill
I'm running fast as I can
To stand still
As long as you and Mammon
Got your hand on the dollar bill

Man and woman
Were made for love
But for you
This is not enough
Snake got to ya
Crawled right into your heart
You know what's going on
You know the difference
B'tween right and wrong
The hole you dig
Gets deeper every day