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A story of the Pacific Coast highway, and a mighty steed.

That Indian chief
Roll it up the line
Both in her heart and mine
Now me and my baby
We had a real good time
Riding the coastal highway
In the warm sunshine
Taking in the scenery
As we're travelling
She's a woman in the wind
Where do I begin

Well, that red roadmaster
With the chum-me seat
Is an experience
You'll want to repeat
Holding on tight
All day & all night
I think we caught the bizness
I think we've seen the light

She's got her things
In the saddle bags
I got my things
On the luggage rack
Both looking in front of us
Never looking back
The stars are shining
The sea is gleaming
What you think of that

Pulling off the highway
At the motel inn
The roadhouse is jumpin'
The band are doing their thing
Think I'll sink a beer
One or two
At the barbeque
With me and you, with me and you.