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Dedicated to those who strut and preen,
yet behind the mask, are solid poison,
who make the truly worthy sick, and ill.

I've been a fool
I've been a fool
I've been a fool too long
Didn't play by the rules
God to redeem myself
I've been a fool

I got dragged down
By the man downstairs
Playing on my weakness
Playing on my fears
With his claws stuck in me
Throwing rocks in my way
Listen to me now
The words that I say

Brutally beaten
Hurting deep in my soul
Lies piled on me
Down in the blackest hole
Let the love flood in
Put wind in my sails
'Cos the truth's drown in falsehoods
That's harder than nails

Blood has always been a
Coin of their realm
& Mammon creeps in
& takes over the helm
You think you can teach me
About betrayal