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A story of the coffin ships, and a journey to a new land,
and a new future, I would rather forget

The soldiers ride by on their horses
As they watch the crofters die
The waifs dressed in rags
Their arms stretched in the air
Begging for food & mercy
And there's nothing to eat
How could life be so cruel
To me and you

As the little ones die of starvation
In my arms, as their hearts
Stop beating in their withered flesh
I know I've got to leave here
Make it to the coffin ships
At the harbour side
Make it to the new land
Well, at least I tried
Throw the bodies overboard
Before the disease spreads
Floating listlessly
Without wind for 3 weeks
Hoping & praying
We'll make it to see land
On our journey

Got to find the strength
To see it through