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What happens when education moves forward, and the gifted child is allowed to spread their wings and fly,
away from the fetters of bovine mediocrity.

I got my seven league boots
And I know that I'm doing fine
Gonna get where I want to
'Cos I'm gonna be right on time

I gotta keep on going
One foot in front of the other
Decided that it's so
That's why it's going faster

There's a secret locked up
In the words of this song
If you listen carefully
It won't take you long
Once you get going
You keep the pressure on
The climbing gets faster
As you go along
Don't get comfortable
If the road looks clear
It's just an illusion
To stop you getting there

Put on your seven league boots
And I know that you'll do just fine
Climbing up the mountain
The view gets better all the time
You gotta have courage
To do what you do
To make the journey
You push on through
Quitters never win
And winners never quit
It can all be demoed out
You find the truth with it