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All about a snake, who wanted to marry a restaurant/wine bar/club owner named David.

Tell it to another fool (x2)
Who wants to believe
Tell it to another fool
Because I've done my time
Loving you

I've been down that road
So many times before
If I stay around in your mean world
My world could end up real poor
You don't know what you want
And you're gonna try and make me
Pay once more
I'm gonna set you free, yes
I'm going to set you free

I learned my lesson
For the real last time
That trying to love you baby
Is like committing a crime
Against myself


When you wrap your coils around me
You bring so much darkness into my life
I'm working night and day
But I'm still dressed in rags
You think you're judge and jury
You know what you're doing
You use me up
With your rule and your ruin