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The reluctant journey down, through the four worlds,
to do what you must do.

When it comes to good loving
The rules of the game
Make no mistake about it
It's always the same

Two hearts start moving
In harmony
Some times forgetting
Both are free

Love's not a possession
Locked away in a drawer
It's hard to remember
It's an open door

The one you love
Will always be free
There are no chains
Between you and me

Fallen such a long way down
Down into the vale of tears

Now a cheating heart
Is trying to leave
Putting out the flame
In what you believe

To continue to love them
& let them go
This is a truth
We all should know

No sin come undone
With so many lies
No matter how convincing
Will come the disguise

There's no good in stifling
What your heart will shoot
For whatever reason
That the flame went out

Love's now a bank
That you keep paying in
Bought with good looks & riches
That's where the lying begins

True love's good reason
Between kindred souls
Through good times
And bad times
We will all come to know