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A Story of wickedness in high places, at the top of the pyramid.

Born free, taxed to death
Gonna charge you
For your next breath
Goes around in circles
Roller coaster, up 'n' down
Burdens too heavy
To get off the ground
My get up 'n' go
Must have got up 'n' went
I tried to understand it (my enthusiasm gone)
But the system is bent
If voting changed anything
It would be illegal

A super heavy-control-society
Look up! You're on CCTV!
You've been profiled
You've been stratified
You'll never find out
'Cos it's classified

They say we're living
In the land of the free
But when I look around me
I see anomie/usery
A socio-economic duress
Like living in the grip
Of a hydraulic press

I want my freedom back
For my friends & me
Not living in the land of usery
Democracy comes out the muzzle of a gun
I want to own my own future, have some fun