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A story of being under a single lock down, or worse still,
a double lock down, with all the complexities and sycophantic toadying dupes, and degraded beings,
holding it in place.

Well it's going up, then it's crashing down
You blame yourself, as you're spinning round
You try your hardest, to make it go right,
24-7, all day and all night
They're hard to spot, if you ain't trained
One thing's for sure, you're gonna get blamed
As you run around going up in smoke
You're under suspicion, the cruelest jok
Your patience hits the basement floor
You're trying every bolted door


You're in the grip of the suppressive
You're in the web of the suppressive

The tangled web is all over you
Stuck to you, like super glue
A halo of pictures, generalities
Manufactured from what it sees
Its frozen soul can't laugh or smile
It wants to knife you all the while,
Cause your world to be darker
And blunt your reach
This useless vampire sucks like a leach


It looks "OK", sounds alright,
But it's trying to smash you
With all its might
You're deemed a threat, you must be stopped
You're at the centre of its evil plot
The house comes crashing about your ears
You're the one it hates
The one it fears
It's oh, so very very cunning

Thoughts of murder cross your mind
As your gut knowingness
Tells you what you find
But cunning dispersals
Put you off the scent
To avoid detection
of what's "meant"
Things get broken
But can't be traced
Unnecessary complications
That must be faced