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Dedicated to a special girl who always changes people's lives for the better

Are you looking into the future
Where we can be free
Loving a woman like you
Loving a man like me
Are you looking into your soul
As far as you can see
Loving a woman like you
Loving a man like me

I've been walking the road out of nowhere
Finding my way back, to where I belong
The sun is shining down on me
On my way to becoming free

Lonely streets and hardened faces
Emptiness in all these places
The days march on with an empty song
Kindred spirit, it's been so long

The yearning and hurting
Fighting for change
The walls of the abyss
Are no mountain range
Like an angel of mercy
Reaching out in the dark
The winds of change
Have come for me

Some fall by the wayside
Like wounded soldiers
Their faces are drawn
With the burden they carry
Life after life
For escape from this prison
A glimmer of hope
Almost buried and gone

I know you've been lonely
Tired and down
Sitting in your darkened room
Wondering about
The past and the future
Where life is
And how to begin
Looking out
Your midnight window
At the shining moon
And the stars above
Thinking about
Your life's tomorrows
Your revelations
Are going to come

I'll lay all my cards
On your table
No tricks up my sleeve
Leave the door wide open
In something to believe